Jobs Briefcase

A great way to maximize your time and stay organized is by using the Jobs Briefcase within your account. It can be time consuming and even somewhat fragmented to immediately apply to a job every time you discover one that may be a good fit.

When you find a job that is of interest to you, simply check the box to the left of the listing. Then click "Add to Briefcase". You can select more than one job and add several at once. You can add as many jobs as you would like to your Jobs Briefcase.

The Jobs Briefcase allows you to view and apply for each of these jobs later, at your convenience.

You can view your saved jobs from the ‘My Account’ tab. Access the ‘Jobs Briefcase’ under ‘Resume and Profile Management’.

The jobs that you have added/saved will be displayed in a list in your Jobs Briefcase. When you are ready, you can apply to the jobs with your resume, cover letter, answers to potential pre-screening questions, etc.

You will see a green check mark next to each job that you applied for.

Your Jobs Briefcase saves you time and keeps you organized.